The Next Big Thing in Customer Communication during Times of Crisis

The Next Big Thing in Customer Communication during Times of Crisis

Have you set your Crisis Communication Plan yet?

In order to face the customers’ questions, concerns and requests under COVID-19 lockdown, it would be advisable to prepare a communication plan to maintain trust and good relationship with your clients as the crisis is affecting many if not all of them!
The crisis might be affecting your business with the overload of communication or lack or almost no communication at all.
Here in this blog, you will read a list of the best practical tips to consider while developing your Communication Plan:

Be Compassionate 

Calm your customers and apologize for the crisis and for not being as productive as usual and remind them that we are all on the same boat.

Be Effective in Your Conversation. 👔

Business owners, representatives or managers now need an effective communication way with their partners since work feels different nowadays than always;
As some people are working from home, others are stuck in other countries; some businesses are on complete shutdown, while other businesses are on extra work duties.Thus, the way and method of communication should be effective and proactive by providing your customers and partners with the answer even before they ask for it.Use Skype or Zoom to e-meet them! Use Social Media Platforms to keep in touch or raise awareness. Create videos that answer their common concerns or by sending them an email blog.

Value the Relationship 🔰

Let your customers know that they are important to you and for the company.
During the lockdown in some countries, we saw some nice examples as some groceries stores, supermarkets or pharmacies are offering free deliveries. Other online-based businesses offered free courses or trials in order to support the curfew “Staying at Home” policy. Of course, it is a win-win situation in all means and such an idea or plan is very smart.You can use the same approach in your business and think how you can offer your customers a free product, service or more features that would help boost their business and survive during the crisis, they will remember it!
Or think of how you can support any safety policy just like “Staying at Home” as mentioned or “Social Distancing” as we saw big brand names modified their logos to promote that policy.

Influence Your Audience 🧲

During these hard times, many businesses and people need support from each other. Take the initiative and donate or support or facilitate business with your clients or partners.

Review Your Content 📝

You can increase the value of your business within your partners by being supportive and reinforce your Social Responsibility. Content now is the best way to impact people, so review your content on any certain way of communication such as e-mail or Social Media or even voicemail.

Use Technology 🖥

Every business, company or startup is trying to figure a way to survive during the pandemic. Many countries use technologies and artificial intelligence to fight the virus such as China did when they used the robots to deliver the medical supplies, or South Korean government when they used the cell phones satellite to track potential virus carriers.On the other hand, people are not leaving their homes and consequently, they are ordering their needs online, which is an opportunity for the e-commerce business to think about how they will digitalize their products or services.
As you can see nowadays, many industries are shifting their offline stores to online stores, like grocery shops & pharmacies, while the education system is becoming completely dependent on technology; we will for sure witness more sectors turning to technology to solve many problems that could arise from the current situation.
So what is your next business model to cope with this trend?
Conclusion 🧪
These points will help you create your communication plan.
Each part of the plan needs to be taken care of by a certain team of the business. Integrating the above-mentioned points into your business strategy will definitely help to enhance your relationship with your customers and give them the feeling that you are supporting them during these hard times; this will absolutely bring your business a very good reputation.

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