Are you Using Technology to Survive during Coronavirus Lockdown?

Amid the Lockdown implemented worldwide due to Coronavirus crisis, have you noticed the shift in how you neighborly supermarkets are doing business?🏬

Many of those are switching their business models by relying on online services using e-commerce websites/mobile apps; where you can order all that you need and get it delivered at your doorstep.
All of this can be done with simple clicks on your mobile phone!📲

Are you one of the employees who is working from home due of coronavirus outbreak? And it’s your first time doing full-time remotely?👨💻
Are you working in the educational sector and moved from the traditional teaching to using online learning platforms?

As the governments started to impose quarantine “social distancing” to help in slowing the spread of COVID-19, many sectors got affected including the sectors mentioned above. The current situation is forcing businesses to transform their operations digitally to be online based, in order to survive the situation, this surely has other benefits of having online-based services, which save money, generate revenue and simplify operations.🦠

Everyone now is wondering about the end and the way to fight coronavirus lockdown in order to get their cycle of production back on track. As many businesses got affected due to this pandemic, they are figuring out ways to survive during this breakout.

Using technology is the best and most convenient way to help businesses and startups survive during these hard times. Everyone is thinking how to digitize their product or service, and here comes our role.👋
As you certainly know, Repzo is an app that tracks & monitors field employees such as sales executives, merchandisers, medical reps, inspection employees, marketing officers, maintenance personnel and any employee whose job requires outside to the office grounds. Subsequently, Repzo has decided to support other businesses to convoy and adapt to the current situation at most convenience.

Introducing our new Repzo product, “Repzo Cart” which simply allows any business to convert online and have its own e-commerce online shopping native application and website. Again, at most convenience without the need to invest time, money or effort in building their own Apps. Repzo Cart is a monthly subscription service that costs only 150 JOD/month where your App can be ready in only 2 days!🛒

Companies should adapt to technology to survive the situation. Do you think this outbreak will change how businesses operate even after it ends, and life gets back to normal?

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